the Capricorn


Our Mascot

pitzi mit kindern

Pitzi the little Capricorn

The little Capricorn "Pitzi" is the mascot of our Snow Sports School and since winter 1992 he has lived in his snow castle in the mountains. His friends, the loving sun, the good moon, and the shining star accompanied him on his journey, and once he arrived in the Pitztal Valley, he soon became friends with Maria and Martin and all the other children in Pitztal. Pitzi's leisure time activities are many and varied. In winter, he loves skiing, snowboarding and sledding, in summer you'll find him climbing, mountain-biking, swimming, doing archery, and, of course, hiking.

Pitzi express

Pitzi Express

The Pitzi Express is a Skidoo with a trailer, which brings ski school kids from the Bergpark to the practice pull lift. Hence, plenty of strength remains for skiing, because you don't have to walk up with the skis.

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