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We welcome you, and we look forward to teaching you the basics of skiing, improve your ski technique, and taking your fear.

Do you want to ski more elegantly? We like to give you tips and show you tricks. Together we will reach your goals. Skiing in different terrain and snow conditions are also part of the ski course.

Your ski instructor will show you the most beautiful slopes and/or freeride lines.
You also get information about the right off-piste behavior, so that you will be protected from alpine dangers.

But the one thing we look forward to the most is to be your companion and to inspire you for the fascination of the mountains!

For a good dynamic in your group and optimal learning success, we recommend booking a whole week (5 or 6 days). All group courses are ending on Friday.

For more information and requests, we ask you to contact us by e-mail, phone, or through our live chat.

Prices adult group ski courses

Course times

The ski courses for adults takes place daily from Sunday/Monday until Friday.

Skill level green and blue:
Sunday until Friday from 10 am to 12 am
(6 days)

Skill level green (start on Thursday):
12 am to 2 pm

Skill level red and black:
Monday until Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm
(5 days)


The meeting point for adults is located at
the middle station of the ski resort Hochzeiger next to our "Bergpark"

Grouping for:
Beginners (group green) always on Sunday and Monday from 9.45 am to 10 am and on Thursday from 11.45 to 12am.

Group blue from Sunday to Friday from 9.45 am to 10 am.

Group red and black from Monday until Friday from 1.45 pm to 2 pm.

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Könnerstufen Erwachsene

E 1: Anfänger

E 2: Pflugdrehen

Die Teilnehmer dieser Gruppe sind in der Lage einen Tellerlift zu benützen und mit Richtungsänderungen (Pflugbögen) eine kleine Abfahrt auf einer blauen Skipiste zu bewältigen.

E 3: Pflugsteuern

Nun beherrschen die Teilnehmer das Pflugsteuern. Das heißt, dass die Kurve im Schneepflug durchgeführt wird und während der Schrägfahrt werden die Ski parallel geführt. Die Teilnehmer dieser Gruppe sind mittlerweile schon auf blauen und roten Skipisten unterwegs.

E 4: Paralleles Skisteuern (lange Radien)

Die Teilnehmer dieser Gruppe können bereits auf allen Skipisten parallel Ski fahren. Sie machen nun auch die ersten Versuche im Tiefschnee fahren.

E 5: Paralleles Skisteuern (kurze Radien)

Um das Tempo auch auf steilen Skipisten kontrollieren zu können, wird nochmals vermehrt der Kanteneinsatz geschult und auch die Technik des Tiefschnee fahrens oder in der Buckelpiste wird trainiert.

E 6: Carven Toppgruppe

In dieser Gruppe werden Ihre erlernten Fähigkeiten weiter verfeinert und perfektioniert. Sie bewegen sich nun sicher auf allen Gelände- und Schneearten.

Level guide adults

E 1: Beginner

E 2: Plow turning

The participants in this group are able to use a pommel lift and manage a small descent on a blue ski slope with changes of direction (plow arcs).

E 3: Snowplough steering

Now the participants have mastered steering the plow. This means that the curve is carried out with the snow plow and the skis are guided in parallel during the diagonal travel. The participants of this group are meanwhile already on the blue and red ski slopes.

E 4: Parallel ski steering - long radii

The participants in this group can already ski in parallel on all ski slopes. You are now also making your first attempts to ski in deep snow.

E 5: Parallel ski steering - short radii

In order to be able to control the speed even on steep ski slopes, the use of edges is trained again and the technique of driving deep snow or in the mogul slope is trained.

E 6: Carven Top group

In this group, the skills you have learned will be further refined and perfected. You can now move safely on all types of terrain and snow.