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Skill levels

Special learning programs and a lot of different possibilities to have fun on the “board”, makes this group course interesting for all skill levels.

Beginners learn in our practising area Boarderpark with a moving carpet (40 m long) the first steps to become a great snowboader. The Boarderpark has perfect conditions to learn snowboarding easily, safely and with the right technique.

Our advanced groups improve their skills with different technique excercises on the slopes and tools like magic stics, video analysis, stubbies, trampoline, and many more. Your instructor will create a various and educational course with a lot of fun on and off pist.

Prices Snowboard

Course times

The snowboard course takes place from Monday until Friday.

Snowboard group green and blue:
Monday until Friday from 10 am to 12 am.

Snowboard group red and black:
Monday until Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm.


The meeting point for all snowboarders is located in the Boarderpark at
the middle station of the ski resort Hochzeiger.

Grouping for:
Beginners takes place on Monday and Wednesday from 9.45 am to 10 am.

Group blue daily (except Saturday and Sunday) from 9.45 am to 10 am.

Group red and black daily (except Saturday and Sunday) from 1.45 pm to 2 pm.

Good to know

Each Thursday: snowboard race with a medal for all participants

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All courses can be conveniently booked in advance from home via our online shop

Your advantages:
– a safe place in the group.
– no waiting in the skischool office.
– with the online-ticket directly to the meeting point.

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Könnerstufen Snowboard

SB 1: Anfänger

SB 2: Rutschen

In dieser Gruppe sind die Teilnehmer in der Lage auf beiden Seiten (Frontside & Backside) zu rutschen.

SB 3: Driftschwung

Die Teilnehmer beherrschen nun schon aneinandergereihte Driftschwünge auf blauen und teilweise auch schon roten Skipisten.

SB 4: Driftschwung / Hochentlasten

Der Driftschwung kann nun sicher auf roten und auch schwarzen Skipisten angewendet werden. Es folgt nun das Erlernen des "Hochentlastens". Weiters werden auch schon die ersten Elemente des Slopestyles geschult und auch im Funpark wird Bekanntschaft mit den Boxen und Kickern gemacht.

SB 5: Fahrkönnen Perfektionieren

Die bereits sehr sicheren Snowboarder erlernen weitere Tricks im Funpark und beim Slopestyle auf der Piste. Auch das "Powdern" zählt zu den Lehrinhalten dieser Gruppe. Auf der Skipiste werden die besseren Kanteinsätze geschult, damit auch auf steilen Skipisten das Tempo kontrolliert werden kann.

SB 6: Topgruppe

In dieser Gruppe heißt es nur noch die Technik auf allen Gelände- und Schneearten zu verfeinern und perfektionieren und Spaß haben im "Powder" und beim Erlernen neuer Tricks im Funpark und beim Slopestyle auf den Skipisten.

Level guide Snowboard

SB 1: Beginner

SB 2: Sliding and Schuss exercises

In this group, the participants are able to slide on both sides (frontside & backside).

SB 3: Drift turn

The participants can now master drifting turns in a row on blue and sometimes even red ski slopes.

SB 4: Drift turn / dynamic upward movement

The drift turn can now be safely used on both red and black ski slopes. Now follows the learning of the "dynamic upward movement". Furthermore, the first elements of the slopestyle are trained and in the fun park, you get to know the boxes and kickers.

SB 5: Perfecting your boarding skills

The already very safe snowboarders learn more tricks in the fun park and slopestyle on the slopes. "Powdering" is also part of the teaching content of this group. On the ski slope, the better edge applications are trained so that the speed can be controlled even on steep ski slopes.

SB 6: Top group

In this group, all that remains is to refine and perfect the technique on all types of terrain and snow and have fun in the "powder" and learn new tricks in the fun park and slopestyle on the ski slopes.