ski courses for children

Group ski courses for children from 5 years and all skill levels

Ski courses for children

children from 5 years

skiing skill levels

We welcome everybody in our ski school, but especially children.

Our experienced and qualified ski instructors teach the children how to ski in a special child-friendly, safe, fun and engaging environment.

For our beginners, we have a big practice area – Pitzi’s Bergpark  with 7.000 m², located at the middle station of the ski resort Hochzeiger. In this area, the children await three moving carpets, a lot of different figures, stubbies, mushrooms, and flags, …. These items help the kids to make their first steps on skis and learn skiing really easily.
The Pitzi Express, a snowmobile with a trailer, also facilitates the learning progress of the children.

For colder days and small breaks, there is a warm-up hut directly in Pitzi’s Bergpark.

Of course, we also have a lot of educational tools like ropes, magic sticks, wheels, small jumps, short carvers, snow bikes, … for advanced groups. If children have fun, learning success comes practically by itself.

Prices for Junior Ski Courses

Group ski courses for children with the Hochzeiger ski school at the middle station.
Group ski courses for children with lots of fun

Course times

The junior ski course takes place daily from Sunday/Monday until Friday.

Skill levels green (beginner) and blue (slightly advanced): Sunday until Friday from 10 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 4 pm.

Skill levels red and black (advanced): Monday until Friday from 10 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 4 pm.

This group course can be booked with our lunchtime care (meal, drink and child care) in our Pitzi's children restaurant.


The meeting point for beginners is in Pitzi’s Bergpark at the middle station of the ski resort Hochzeiger. It takes place on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday from 9.45 am to 10 am.

Slightly advanced groups (blue) meet their ski instructors at the blue flag at the platter lift middle station.

The meeting point for red and black groups is also Pitzi's Bergpark at the middle stationat the red or black flag.

The grouping for advanced groups (blue, red and black) also takes place daily (except Saturday) from 9.45 am to 10 am.

Good to know

  • Every Thursday or Friday (depending on the skill level): Ski race with a medal for each child.
  • Lunchtime care: We recommend our lunchtime care including the meal and drink in our Pitzi’s children's restaurant during the lunch break.
Feedback from our guests
Rainer Philipp
Rainer Philipp
Unsere Tochter hat innerhalb von 3 Tagen sehr schnell Skifahren gelernt, so dass sie aktuell jede blaue Piste meistert, Danke!!
Wir waren sehr zufrieden, unser Skilehrer war sehr zuvorkommend und ist gut auf unsere Wünsche eingegangen. Das Einzige, was uns etwas gestört hat, war, dass unser Sohn bei einem 3tägigen Kurs jeden Tag einen anderen Lehrer hatte. Das wäre bei einem Kinderkurs vielleicht etwas besser zu organisieren gewesen. An dieser Stelle nochmal Daumen hoch an Holger, war alle 3 Tage super mit ihm!
Claudi B.
Claudi B.
Sehr gute Skischule. Unsere Tochter Anna hatte bei Lara viel Spaß und hat einiges im J3 Kurs gelernt. Ihre große Schwester dufte am 2. Tag zu Marco in J6 wechseln- er war in 6 Jahren ihr bisher bester Skilehrer.
Andi B.
Andi B.
Marco ist ein super cooler Skilehrer, hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht!
Sulejman Vejseli
Sulejman Vejseli
War super. Besser geht’s nicht
Martina Tornow geb. Wieloch
Martina Tornow geb. Wieloch
Top zufrieden, tolle Organisation und sehr nette Ansprechpartner an der Kassa, in der Skischule und dem Verleih Schultes.
Ferdinand Frehner
Ferdinand Frehner
Perfekt, sehr gut auf die Kleinkinder eingegangen. Lara will im nächsten Winter wieder auf die Skier stehen:-)

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Level Guide Ski Juniors

J1 - Beginner


In this group, the children have already mastered smaller runs in the practice area. How to use the pommel lift still has to be learned.

J2 - Snowplough turning:

The children can safely ski down easy slopes (pommel lift) in snow plough with several turns.

J3 - Alpine skiing posture - edging:

The participants are already skiing on longer blue slopes. During the traversing (between the turns), the children are already able to ski parallel. In this group, the kids use ski poles.

J4 - Snowplough steering:

The children ski safely and quickly on blue and red slopes. The participants ski parallel during the traversing (between the turns), only in the turns the children use a small snow plough.

J5 - Parallel steering (long Turns):

Children in this group must be able to ski completely parallel (even during turns!) on all blue and red slopes. The skiing style of the children is quite fast. As a result of this group, the use of poles is also consolidated as well as the first experiences in powder snow are gained.

J6 - Parallel steering (short Turns)

The use of the edges is trained even better on the slopes to be able to control the speed even on steep slopes. In this group, skiing off-piste is also increasingly trained.

J Top - Carving/TopGroup:

In the top junior group, the aim is to perfect the skills you have learned, both on and off the slopes. The children are also increasingly made aware of alpine dangers and trained in avalanche knowledge.

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