Pitzi ski course &
snow adventure

We particularly welcome children.

Pitzi ski course

3 – 4 years

skill levels

Our Pitzi ski course for 3- and 4-year-old kids is a lot more than only skiing. The kids await fun and action at the “playground snow” in the practicing area Pitzipark, which is located at the bottom station.

Playfully, we accompany the children (from 3 years) at their first steps on snow and teach them how to ski. With the Pitzi ski course and Pitzi’s snow adventure, our highly educated ski instructors created various programs for our future snow heroes.

The most important thing is fun in the group with other kids, security, and the movement in the fresh air with and without skis. Because of that, learning success comes really easily and totally stress-free.

Prices Pitzi ski course


Use our pack list, so that you don’t forget something for your ski holidays. And for children, we have a coloring page to get in „winter holiday-mood“.

Course times

The pitzi ski course takes place from
Monday until Friday from
9.15 am to 10.45 am or 11 am to 12.30 pm


Always 15 minutes before the course starts at the Pitzipark at the bottom station of the ski resort Hochzeiger.

Good to know

  • Pitzi trial hour: for 2- and 3-year-olds from Monday until Thursday
  • Pitzi’s snow adventure:
    It’s a various playing program for 3- and 4-year-olds from Monday until Thursday from 1.45 pm to 3.45 pm.
  • Every Friday: Ski race with a medal for each child.
  • You can rent the equipment at one of the sports shops at the bottom station of the ski resort Hochzeiger Pitztal.
  • Use the possibility to use our infrastructure „Pitzipark“ on your own to ski with your children. Please contact us for detailed information and prices.

Pitzi's snow adventure

The snow adventure is a various playing program in the afternoon for our „Pitzis“ (3- and 4-year-old children).

This is an important part of our offer for the little ones. The physical condition and also the ability to concentrate aren’t yet so mature and learning to ski in the afternoon is very exhausting. Because of that, we create this playing afternoon, where fun and games with other children are on the schedule.

From Monday until Thursday the kids experience a lot of adventures during snowshoe hiking with searching of animal tracks, sledding, or with Pitzi’s new friend the „Gratsch“, …

Course times

From Monday until Thursday from 1.45 pm to 3.45 pm.
pitzi rund


At Pitzi’s snow adventure fun and action is in the focus!

Equipment for Pitzi's snow adventure

Good winter shoes (no ski boots)

Winter clothes

Cap or a helmet (helmet only for sledging)

Sun glasses or goggles


Sun cream

Child care (0 to 4 years)

We offer private child care / baby sitting for your toddlers. 

To get more information to the private child care and available times please contact our skischool office by e-mail or phone.

Opening times playing room

Pitzi’s playing room is located at the bottom station of the ski resort Hochzeiger. In the coming winter season 2021/22 we can’t open the room, because of COVID-19. We  hope for your understanding.

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Könnerstufen Pitzis


"Flitzen" - Schuss fahren

Nach den ersten Gewöhnungsübungen auf Skiern lernen die Kinder nun das Schuss fahren.

Schneebremse - Schneepflug

Das Erlernen des Schneepfluges dient nicht nur dem Bremsen. Der Schneepflug bildet auch die Grundlage des Kurven fahrens und somit der ersten Richtungsänderungen.

Kurven fahren - Pflugdrehen

In dieser Könnerstufe sind die "Kleinen" bereits in der Lage, die ersten Richtungsänderungen im Übungsareal aneinander zu reihen.


Die Kinder sind nun in der Lage mit dem Tellerlift zu fahren und kleinere Abfahrten auf blauen Skipisten sicher zu bewältigen.

Level guide Pitzis


Flitzen (schuss)

After the first familiarization exercises on skis, the children now learn to ski in schuss.

braking (plough)

Learning to use the snow plow is not just about braking. The snowplow also forms the basis of taking the curves, and thus skiing the first direction changes.

Turning - plough turns

At this skill level, the "little ones" are already able to line up the first changes of direction in the practice area.


The children are now able to take the pommel lift and safely master smaller descents on blue ski slopes.