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Our Pitzi course for 3 and 4-year-old children is much more than just learning to ski: the “little ones” are lovingly and playfully introduced to skiing and learn to ski with a lot of fun and almost by themselves. For the children, it feels like a SNOW PLAYGROUND! This ski course is held in the Pitzipark at the valley station of the Hochzeiger cable car.
Pitzikurs Skikurs ab 3 Jahren
Pitzi Skikurs Pitzi Kinderbetreuung Angebot
We look forward to all guests, but children are particularly welcome here. With specially trained children’s ski instructors, the children learn to ski with lots of fun and joy. Our juniors (from 5 years) learn to ski in Pitzi’s mountain park at the Hochzeiger middle station. The three conveyor belts (magic carpets), colorful figures, stubbies and much more. make it easier for children to take their first steps in the snow and add fun and variety to ski lessons.
Skikurs Kinder Gruppenkurs

Junior ski courses, Hochzeiger ski school in Jerzens

juniors advanced carving
Skikurs Kinder Reifen Übung
Anfänger beim Ski fahren
Of course, adults can still learn to ski or improve it. We are happy to give you tips and show you tricks to learn elegant skiing and achieve your goals. We will also introduce you to different types of snow and terrain, as well as show you the most beautiful pistes and/or off-piste runs. We are also there for you to prepare you for alpine dangers and to show you the right behavior in open terrain.
With your personal companion – your snow sports instructor – you will achieve intensive learning, quick learning success, and flexible and individual planning of your lessons. Due to the individual design of the private lessons, you will learn faster and any mistakes can be corrected in a more targeted manner. Private courses are offered for both skiing and snowboarding. If you are interested in snowbiking, telemarking, or cross-country skiing, you can also learn/improve these sports with a private instructor.

Private Lessons

arbeiten in der skischule
boarderpark infrastruktur
We also offer snowboarding as a group course. For beginners, we have our own practice area at the middle station of the Hochzeiger cable car, the boarder park. The terrain specially prepared for snowboarders and also a 40 m long conveyor belt help beginners to learn their first balance exercises on a snowboard and to slide on the heel and toe edges. In addition, advanced snowboarders don’t miss out, since they can let off steam in many different ways on the “board”. Various technical programs and aids, such as magic sticks, the balance board, and the trampoline in the boarder park offer optimal conditions for further development on the ski slopes and also for preparing for various tricks and jumps both in slopestyle and in the fun park.
In winter there are not only skis or snowboards to let off steam in the snow. Trend sports such as snowshoeing, ski touring, snowbiking, short carving, or telemarking bring fun and variety. Snowshoeing and ski touring are offered as part of our weekly trend sports program. Anyone who would like to ride a snow bike or with short carvers is welcome to do so with one of our private instructors.

Trend sports at the Hochzeiger

Ausrüstung ski snowboard urlaub

You asked, we answer

No, the ski passes are not included in the ski course fee. More information to the tariffs of the ski passes you find at

Yes, all beginners (adults and children, from 5 years) needs a ski pass. Our practice areas are located at the middle station of the ski resort.
3- and 4-year-old children, who participate at the Pitzi course, needs a ski pass, if they are able to use a lift. In the practice area “Pitzipark” at the bottom station, they don’t need a ski pass.

The grouping is divided according to the ability and age of the children. If the children’s driving skills differ too much, it is not possible that they are in the same group.

In exceptional cases, the better skier has to ski in the lower group, but this doesn’t make sense for the child.

We don’t have an own rental shop. At the bottom station of the ski resort are 3 sport shops located. All three are partners of us:

– Sport Lentsch (
– Schultes Sports (
– Intersport Wohlfarter (

Yes, we have an online shop, where you can book ski courses and private lessons. -> Link to the online shop

The rough grouping is done when you make your booking (online or in the ski school office). We, therefore, ask you to provide honest information about the participant’s skills. Should the instructor nevertheless find that a participant does not fit into the group and is over-or under-challenged, the group will be changed directly on the slope.

If possible, we try to put together groups that are homogeneous in terms of age and also respond to personal requests.

Yes, due to the meeting times (children can be dropped off 15 minutes before the course starts), it is possible that both parents and children can take part in the ski courses.

If you book the ski courses online in advance, you receive your course ticket via E-Mail. With this ticket (including a barcode), which you print out and take with you, you can go directly to the meeting point. In this case, you don’t have to wait in the ski school office.

Another advantage is, that you have a sure place in the group!

Yes, we offer half-day ski courses. However, we would like to point out that in the case of half-day courses, a frequent change of group and teacher is possible. This is due to the different learning progress within the group. Therefore we recommend booking fewer days but whole days!

You only get a refund if you had an accident, have an injury or if you are ill with a medical document of a local doctor. Only the difference will be refunded!

There will be no reimbursement of a ski or snowboard course, if you are late or if you aren’t not at the agreed meeting point.

Book online

All courses can be booked conveniently in advance from home via our online shop.

Your advantages:

  • A safe place in the group or your private instructor
  • No waiting in the office
  • With the online ticket directly to the meeting point


Martin Weiß
Martin Weiß
Wir waren schon oft dort, es ist immer alles super organisiert (was bei dem Durcheinander vor Ort oft nicht einfach ist). Fahnen wo man hinmuss, es geht immer pünktlich los, Nivea immer der Beschreibung angepasst, sehr nettes Team - immer wieder!
Michaela Starsch
Michaela Starsch
Unser Sohn und unsere Nichte haben unten am Laufband ihre ersten Skierfahrungen gemacht. Das dürfte jetzt schon ca. 8 Jahre her sein. Danach folgten Gruppenkurse und Privatkurse und seit letztem Jahr haben die Beiden 5 Tage a 4 Stunden zusammen einen Privatlehrer gehabt. Wir waren bisher immer zu 100% zufrieden. Auf Wünsche wurde immer direkt eingegangen. Ob Wechsel des Skilehrers wegen Sprachproblemen (wir können kein Niederländisch) oder Wechsel vom Kurs auf Privat (da unserem Sohn der tägliche Kurswechsel nicht gefiel). Vielen Dank an alle Skilehrer und Skilehrerinnen, die die Beiden schon hatten. Und ein besonderer Dank an Daniel, der mit den Beiden viel neben der Piste gefahren ist, was ihnen sehr viel Spaß gemacht hat. Die Beiden möchten nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder zum Daniel. Wir sind nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder dabei.
Kumschlies Petra
Kumschlies Petra
Mein Sohn war eine Woche in der Skischule und hat enorme Fortschritte in J 6 gemacht. Er war sehr begeistert von seinem Skilehrer Marco Loef, der alles anschaulich und interessant erklärt hat.
Sandra Fromme
Sandra Fromme
Eine perfekte Woche mit Skilehrerin Lucy Dilbat. Mit ihrer ruhigen und besonnenen Art lotst sie auch ängstliche AnfängerInnen souverän den Berg hinab. Wir haben viel gelernt und viel Spaß gehabt.
Marcus Heinen
Marcus Heinen
Marco Loef war in meinem Privatunterricht didaktisch super. Genau auf mich abgestimmt hat er mir Dinge gezeigt, mich verbessert und neue Impulse gegeben. Danke!
Daniel Kleinschek
Daniel Kleinschek
Die Skilehrer*innen haben sich ganz prima um unsere Tochter gekümmert und jetzt kann sie Ski fahren!! Vielen Dank!
Larissa Eha
Larissa Eha
Tolle Skischule und ein schönes Skigebiet! Besonderes Lob geht an meinen Skilehrer Manuel, der mir in den beiden Tagen Privatkurs sehr viel beigebracht hat. Manuel hatte immer wieder hilfreiche Tipps parat und hat es geschafft, dass ich in der kurzen Zeit schon große Fortschritte erzielen konnte. Ich habe mich zu jeder Zeit sicher und kompetent betreut gefühlt. Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß und würde die Skischule jedem ans Herz legen. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!
Rianne Meijer
Rianne Meijer
De meiden hebben een super leuke tijd gehad veel vriendinnetjes gemaakt in de skilessen ze wilden zelf nog een paar dagen extra op ski les! Super leuke en vriendelijke ski leraren en ook best veel Nederlandse ski leraren en zo niet spraken ze nog een aardig woordje Nederlands echt top! Wij kijken terug op een leuke ski week!
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