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Skiing Skill Levels Juniors (Videos)

It is not always easy to correctly determine your child’s skiing skills and skiing ability. However, since this point is very important for booking the right ski course, we have tried to help you with some videos and additional descriptions of the skill levels.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our team in the ski school office.

J1 - Beginner

In this course, the children learn the first steps of skiing. How do I put on my skis correctly and fit my ski boots?

Balancing on skis will be trained, they will learn how to do a snow plough, and the children will also learn their first turns in the practicing area.

ZG - Intermediate group:

In this group, the children have already mastered smaller runs in the practice area. How to use the pommel lift still has to be learned.


The children can safely ski down blue slopes with a snow plough and several turns.

J3 - Alpine skiing posture / edging:

The participants are already skiing on blue and red ski slopes. During the traversing (between the turns), the children are already skiing in parallel. In this group, the kids use ski poles.

J4 - snow plough steering:

The children ski safely and quickly on blue, red, and sometimes black slopes. The ski guidance is parallel during the traversing (between the turns), only for the turns the children use a small snow plough.

J5 - parallel steering (long turns):

Children in this group must be able to ski completely parallel (even during turns!) on all slopes (blue, red, and black). The skiing style of the children is quite fast. As a result of this group, the use of poles is also consolidated as well as the first experiences in powder snow are gained.

J6 - parallel steering (short turns):

The use of the edges is trained even better on the slopes to be able to control the speed even on steep slopes. In this group, skiing off-piste is also increasingly trained.

J Top - Top gropup / Carving:

In the top junior group, the aim is to perfect the skills you have learned in all different terrains (off-piste, bumpy slope, ...). The children are also increasingly made aware of alpine dangers and trained in avalanche knowledge.

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