Benefits of private ski lessons

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Individual to your success: The benefits of private ski lessons

In addition to group courses, our ski school also offers private lessons for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. The private ski instructor can be booked for individuals, as a family ski instructor or a group ski instructor (together with your friends).

Private ski lessons enable a tailor-made lesson design, and you get a noticeable faster learning success. In this blog article, we explain five advantages of private lessons and why they are a worthwhile investment.

1. One-on-one attention

Individual support and design of the lessons are two of the most significant benefits of private lessons. This enables your needs, wishes, and mistakes to be addressed and avoided.

In group courses, there are around 6 – 8 people in a group, while in private ski lessons, the ski instructor can concentrate entirely on the participant. He or she receives the full attention of the ski instructor. Thanks to tailor-made individual support, learning success is achieved much faster.

Your private ski instructor can identify your strengths and weaknesses better and faster and do specific exercises to eliminate faulty movements. The individual adjustment of the lessons to your needs ensures a more efficient learning process and because of that, you can reach your goals faster.

Benefits of private ski lessons

2. Flexibility and adaptability: learning at one’s own pace

Everyone is unique and has different learning speeds. Suppose someone needs more time to learn certain techniques or improve faster than expected. In that case, private ski instructors have the opportunity to adapt the lessons spontaneously and nobody has to consider the progress of the rest of the group members.

3. Confidence and security

The personal support and the adapted teaching structure often lead to increased self-confidence of the participants. Many people are a bit unsure or anxious at first when they learn the first steps on skis or snowboard. These people often withdraw within a group because they are afraid of hurting themselves or other people in the group. The private ski instructor creates the necessary conditions so that the participants can fully concentrate on themselves and learn how to ski.

Our experienced ski instructors help to overcome fears and increase the joy of skiing. Together you will achieve your goals and celebrate successes. That is one of the significant benefits of private ski lessons.

individual to success the of advantages private lessons. Ski instructor explaining body position on skis

4. Fine-tuning for advanced skiers

Even advanced skiers can benefit enormously from private lessons. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about improving the carving technique, learning to ski in deep snow or moguls, or simply working on your style, our private ski instructors will create the perfect private lesson for you and you will achieve your goals together.

The private lesson can also simply be used to improve your skiing technique so that you can ski down the slopes with less effort and in a more elegant way.

privatkurse hochzeiger tirol

5. Learn together and have fun

Private lessons are not only suitable for individuals but also for families or groups of friends. A requirement for a useful private lesson is that the participants’ skills are approximately the same. It makes no sense for beginners and advanced skiers to book one private ski instructor together.

Whether parents with children or a group of friends – learning together cannot only bring additional joy but in most cases also increase motivation through learning together with their friends.


Private lessons are an efficient way to learn skills and knowledge with the help of one-to-one mentoring or together with family or friends. The ski lessons individually tailored to the participants convey security, relieve any fears, and promise faster learning success.
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