Ski lessons for children

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What the little winter sports fans can expect?

Ski lessons for children aren’t only an exciting experience, but also an excellent opportunity to awaken enthusiasm for winter sports at an early age. In children‘s ski lessons, the little ones are introduced to skiing in a playful and age-appropriate way and learn the basics of winter sports.

In this blog post, we will discuss what children should expect during a ski lesson and what parents need to keep in mind.

Professional supervision by well-trained children’s ski instructors, child and age-appropriate lessons according to the current ski curriculum

In the children’s ski course, the little winter sports enthusiasts can have a lot of fun learning how to ski from our professional ski instructors. The lessons are designed to be child and age-appropriate, modern aids are used and the current ski curriculum is followed.

Our ski instructors not only teach the children how to ski in a child-friendly and playful way but also how to behave correctly on the slopes (FIS rules). They are also informed about possible dangers and they also will get a feeling for foresighted and considerate behaviour on the slopes.

As a children’s ski instructor, you are not just teaching skiing, you are also a friend, a reference, a motivator, and a companion.

With the varied aids and the current teaching methods, the children learn with a lot of fun and thus almost by themselves how to ski correctly and safely.

ski lessons for children in Pitztal

Nothing works without fun! Your kids will be led to success through playful learning processes in the ski lessons for children

The children’s ski lessons are designed for playful learning and fun in the snow. Different exercises and learning methods are used based on age. A 3-year-old child, for example, cannot be taught the same way as a 5-year-old or 10-year-old child, even if all three have the same skiing skill level.

Our little guests of 3 and 4 years are taught in a very childlike way in the Pitzipark away from the “big ones”. The physical condition and also the ability to concentrate on the little ones is of course not yet so well developed to be able to keep up with the “big ones”. For this reason, we have also adapted the duration of the Pitzi ski courses to the 3 and 4-year-olds so that the children are not over-challenged, but also not under-challenged.

From the age of 5, the condition of most children is mature enough for them to be able to take part in the ski courses for the whole day (morning and afternoon). Of course, the ski instructors also have a look at the kids so as not to overwhelm them. In the mornings, new things are learned because and in the afternoons the focus is on practicing what has just been learned.

If the children’s ski instructors notice that the children are getting tired, they take short breaks with relaxation games.

schneeabenteuer kinderskikurs

Beginner-friendly practice areas

We can offer our practice areas for our children’s ski courses. The Pitzipark at the bottom station has 3 magic carpets, colourful figures, give-me-five hands, stubbies, and much more.

There is a pommel lift right next to the Pitzipark. So the advanced children also have the opportunity to ride the pommel lift and practice skiing on an easy blue ski slope.

Our juniors (children from the age of 5) learn to ski in the practice area at the middle station of the ski area, which is called „Bergpark“. This 7,000 m² practice area also has 3 conveyor belts, numerous figures, a small kicker, stubbies, tyres and much more.

The ski courses offer a variety of exercises, allowing children to learn how to ski independently.

The nearby pommel lift at the middle station of the ski area offers advanced children the opportunity to practice their first descents on blue ski slopes, just like the “little ones”.

Safety and equipment

Safety always comes first in every ski lesson. The ski instructors make sure that the children’s ski equipment fits properly and is adjusted correctly. Helmets are a must-have and should not be missing, especially for children.

Right from the start, the children learn how to use their equipment responsibly and the right behaviour on the slopes.

Appropriate clothing is also important for the safety of your children and every winter sports fan. When skiing, a ski jacket and ski pants are necessary. Gloves (also in spring) are also part of the equipment and must always be worn. If you fall on the slope, the gloves protect your hands from abrasions and when the skis are carried, the gloves also protect against cuts from the sharp edges of the skis.

Motivation, success and rewards

The children’s ski instructors motivate the children and celebrate their first successes on skis together, such as braking independently with the snow plough, the first slight turns and especially the first small descent in the practice area.

The ski instructors can celebrate these moments of success together with your children. Not only are the children very proud of their learning success, but also the ski instructors are happy about these small milestones on the way to becoming a ski professional. The praise and positive feedback from the ski instructors increase the children’s self-confidence and thus their enjoyment of skiing.


A ski course offers a wonderful opportunity to awaken enthusiasm for winter sports at an early age. With professional care, playful learning methods and lots of fun in the snow, the children will master their first steps on the skis with joy and self-confidence. The focus is always on safety and a positive learning experience. The children not only learn how to ski but also how to treat nature and other skiers with respect both on and off the slopes. 

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