Learning how to snowboard for children

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5 points parents should pay attention to

Snowboarding is an exciting winter sport, popular not only among adults but among children as well. When a child shows interest in snowboarding, parents must know what they need to pay attention to.

In this article, we give valuable tips on how to snowboard for children to enjoy safely and with a lot of fun.

Cool snowboard courses at the Hochzeiger - how to snowboard for children

1. The right age

The minimum age to take part in snowboard group courses at our ski school is 7 years. However, every child is different, and the “right” age to start snowboarding can vary according to the child’s physical development and interests.

Children under the age of 7 are welcome to learn snowboarding with one of our private instructors.

2. Appropriate equipment

Just like with skis, you also have to pay attention to the correct length of the snowboard. A board that is too long or too short can make learning more difficult and increase the risk of injuries.

The binding setting (left foot in front (regular) or right foot in front (goofy)) also makes a significant contribution to learning success. Your snowboard instructor will also pay attention to this during the snowboard course, and change the binding setting if necessary.

As with skiing, clothing should consist of several layers. A breathable base layer that wicks sweat and a water-repellent outer layer. In very cold temperatures, a warming intermediate layer should also be worn.

Especially for beginners, it is advisable to wear gloves with a reinforced wrist. The falls while learning to slide and also while learning the turns can lead to painful wrist injuries. Back protectors don‘t have to be worn in the beginner area but at the slopes, it is a helpful aid.

Of course, a helmet and either sunglasses or goggles should also be worn.

3. Professional guidance is important and necessary for good learning success

If you want to learn how to snowboard, professional instruction from certified snowboard instructors is essential. Our experienced snowboard instructors know how to teach children the basic techniques in a safe way and how the lessons can be designed safely and playfully.

Safety is a top priority for our ski and snowboard school. The course participants not only learn the technique of snowboarding but also the control and correct use of the snowboard equipment, the correct behaviour on the slopes and the necessary warm-up exercises so that injuries can be prevented.

4. Make sure you choose the right terrain when practising

When practising snowboarding, it is essential to pay attention to the right choice of terrain. While medium-steep terrain is required for practising how to slide at the backside edge and the frontside-edge, the first turns should be practised on flat terrain.

It is best to get information directly from your snowboard instructor, who will certainly be happy to advise you.

5. Rest and recovery time are very important

When learning a new sport, it is important to take breaks. Learning how to snowboard for children not only requires physical fitness but also the ability to concentrate. In the beginning, you have to concentrate on many things at the same time. The knees must be bent, the ankles must be flexible to slide faster or slower. You have to shift the body weight to the “nose” of the snowboard and you should look into the direction of the turn.

This and many more things demand not only our musculoskeletal system but also our mind. Be careful – overstraining is useless and rather counterproductive.

After the snowboard course, which is offered in our ski school for 2 hours, it is important to rest. The head also needs a bit of time to relax so that you can practice something independently in the afternoon (if you want to).

6. Motivation and feedback

Parents should not overwhelm the children, because it takes some time to learn how to snowboard. Patience is the key to success.

The snowboard instructors motivate and praise the children during the snowboard course so that the children are proud of themselves. Parents should also praise children for their progress. Under pressure, neither children nor adults can learn well and the fun of learning is lost.

Learning is positively influenced by good feedback and the recognition of one’s own progress.

Conclusion – how to snowboard for children

Learning how to snowboard is an exciting and fulfilling experience for children. By observing the above points, it should be ensured that the child learns how to snowboard in a safe, pleasant and also funny atmosphere.

With professional instruction and the right equipment, your child has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of snowboarding and experience unforgettable moments on the slopes!

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