Proper technique for using ski poles

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Proper Technique for Using Ski Poles and Understanding Their Multifaceted Importance

Knowing how to use ski poles can significantly enhance your skiing efficiency and safety. Often underestimated, ski poles offer numerous benefits such as maintaining balance, generating rhythm, and optimizing power transmission while skiing. In this blog, we delve into the versatile roles of ski poles and provide detailed guidance on their correct usage.

The correct using of ski poles

Balance, Turning Aid, and Rhythm Generator

Ski poles are essential tools for maintaining balance and stability on the slopes. When skiing, you should hold the ski poles in your hands at your sides. Using the proper technique for ski poles involves more than just holding them; it requires a proper technique for maximum benefit.

Using ski poles for a “pole plant” helps you execute parallel turns, acting as a crucial turning aid. When you plant the pole, it provides a point of support that assists in pivoting your skis, making turns smoother and more controlled. They also serve as rhythm generators, particularly useful for making short turns. Establishing a consistent rhythm with your ski poles can help you maintain a steady pace and improve your overall skiing technique.

On steep, hard slopes, ski poles support the upward movement needed to prepare for turns. They help maintain balance during the turn as you switch the edges of your skis. This is especially important in challenging conditions where maintaining control is critical.

Most skiers only realize the importance of ski poles when they descend without them. Trying a descent without ski poles can help you appreciate their role in balance and control.

Assistance After a Fall

If you fall, knowing the proper technique for using ski poles can be invaluable for getting back on your feet. Place the poles in the snow next to you, hold on to them, and push yourself up. This technique provides stability and leverage, making it easier to stand up, especially in deep snow or tricky terrain.

Support on Flat Sections and Uphill Walks

On flat sections of ski slopes, you might lose speed and stop. In such cases, you can use the ski poles to push yourself until you reach a sufficient gradient to ski again. To do this, plant both poles firmly in the snow and push yourself forward in a coordinated motion, similar to using Nordic walking poles.

When you need to step up a few meters on the slope, ski poles can also be used as walking aids. Plant the poles firmly and use them to help balance and propel yourself upward. This technique is particularly useful in areas where you need to traverse short uphill sections to reach a better skiing path.

Conclusion – Proper Technique for Using Ski Poles

Ski poles are much more than just accessories; they play crucial roles in skiing. They serve as balance and turning aids, and rhythm generators, and help you get up after falls or push yourself on flatter sections. By knowing the proper technique for using ski poles, you can enhance your skiing experience significantly! See you at our ski resort Hochzeiger-Pitztal!

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