At what age should you learn to ski?

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what is the best age to learn to ski?

There is no right age to learn to ski. However, there are differences in the learning process of adults and children.

For children who can start skiing in the Pitzi course (introductory lesson) from around 2.5 years old, learning to ski always looks very playful. And it doesn’t just look like that, it is soo too!

Junior/children Group ski Course
Learn to ski while having fun in our children’s group ski course

Children learn visually. This means that they watch the ski instructor demonstrate something and then simply try to imitate it. And that is undoubtedly the big difference to adults. They want everything explained in detail before they try something out.

Learn to ski. Adult group ski course plow turning.
Adults need more explanation and time: group ski course for adults

Adults are often more cautious and anxious than children and therefore usually need a day longer to be able to celebrate the same successes as children.

So it should be noted once again that there is no right age to learn to ski! You are never too old to try this sport.

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