how long does it take to learn to ski

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When can I ski? or how long does it take to learn to ski?

The question, “How long does it take to learn to ski”, is difficult to answer because everyone is different and learns at different speeds! Furthermore, it also depends on the personal goals of the respective guest because not all skiing is the same.

If you ask three guests what they mean by “skiing”, you will get three different answers.

For some people, “skiing” means that they can safely ski in a snowplough on blue (easy) ski slopes. Another understands the term “being able to ski” to mean safe, elegant and, above all, parallel skiing on all ski slopes (blue, red and black).

As a guideline for adult ski beginners, one could say that after 2-3 days (2 hours each) the majority of ski course participants can ski a small practice slope in the snowplough with slight changes of direction, such as. B. at the button lift at the Hochzeiger middle station. After about 4–5 days, most course participants can master long descents on blue slopes.

The actual time required to achieve this goal depends on many personal factors (age, courage, athleticism, ability to concentrate, will, and much more).

Beginner skiing with ski instructor. How long does it take before you can ski?

If you are already advanced e.g. For example, if you want to progress from parallel skiing to carving (cut turns throughout the entire curve), this will take several days. To perfect existing knowledge and further develop your own skills, you need plenty of exercises, full concentration and many “meters” to get used to the “new” movement sequences.

Based on these examples, you can see that there is no definitive time limit for how long it takes to learn to ski. Just try it out. How long does it take you to reach your skiing goal?

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